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Faeriacoaching offers customized lessons to help you improve.


Faeriacoaching.com allows the user to decide herself if and how much she wants to pay for the provided service.

In the unfortunate event of you being unhappy with the service provided, you don't have to pay at all.

Our Services

Note: This service is not affiliated to Abrakam Entertainment. We at Faeriacoaching.com are just fans of the game and are offer coaching on our spare time.

Our goal is to give our users a personalized coaching session. It is up to the user to decide what she wishes to get help with from the coach.

We will do our very best to help you with everything from deckbuilding to land placement and board movement. We aspire to help you understand why certain plays are stronger than others. Each advice given is a step to help you upgrade your game.

First and foremost we aim to coach beginners and players who have not yet reached the higher ranks of the Faeria ladder.


Q. How does the coaching work?
A. You will be in a Skype or Google Hangout-call together with a coach and communicate via voice. Skype and Google Hangout has an in-built tool that allows the coach to view your screen and watch you play/build. While watching you, the coach will give you advice on what to do (if you want) and why.

Q. I don't want to be coached in English, is that possible?
A. We can currently offer coaching in English and Swedish.

Q. Have you written any Faeria-guides?
A. Yes, click here.

Q. If I want to pay, how do I do that?
A. PayPal is currently the only payment method available (besides not paying at all). All payments will be made after the coaching session is completed. You will never be asked to pay in advance.


Getting coached by J0k3se was the kickstart that I needed to get back into the game after 2 years of abstinence.
I felt lost and overwhelmed by all the new cards, but his patience and his deep level of understanding brought me back to this great game. He helped me build a winning deck with my personal preferences and showed me how to use it effectively. I won 8 games straight.

~ Paranoidray

J0k3se is very professional and has a significant knowledge of the game, yet manages to remain laid back and fun, a combination of traits that is rarely seen in the gaming community and perfect for coaching!

~ Shretty

When J0k3se coached me the first time, i was surprised how good he helped me constructing my first deck and explained me the thought-process in his unique calm way that even the bloodiest beginner could understand it. So if you have problems with Faeria you should give J0k3se-sensei a try ;)

~ SOlar

Thank you very much J0k3se! Your coaching gave me good insights on how to build different deck archetypes. Also i learned to evaluate the various ingame situations and how to react on them. All in all the coaching gave me the confidence to climb ranks on my own, i just can recommend it to everyone out there, that isnt too familiar with the game right now!

~ Wickler

Took advantage of this, solid teacher, I learned a lot about the things I was interested in (mainly land placement, and to a lesser extent deckbuilding). Definitely worth your time.

~ Nish

I got in touch with ​J0k3se​ to building a bit of confidence, instead I came out learning much more than I had anticipated. Having the opportunity to play along side him was eyeopening thanks to his experienced view on how to efficiently trade value between each card play and combat exchange. I strongly encourage any new player interested in perfecting their game to take advantage of ​J0k3se's services.

~ DicesMuse

I just had a coaching session with J0k3se and learning from him firsthand was a game-changing experience. I went into the session telling J0k3se that I eventually wanted to go into the competitive scene for this game and he helped me build a powerful deck that we eventually went on a win streak with. During one of the matches in the session, I fought a popular streamer named Sepfire who is very talented at the game. With J0k3se's guidance, I was able to take him down in a very tight-knit match. Give his tutoring a try, it's awesome and will help me dominate ladder now :)

~ Zenosora

I took two lessons from J0k3se. First I didn't really want to take lessons, because i thought I could learn it by my own.
But since i wasn't even able to reach Rank 20 asked J0k3se.
In the first lesson we talked about general gameplay, basics and value of different things.
We created a deck in the second lesson. Now i reached Rank 10 and continue to push to the top.
Not only that he really knows what he is talking about, he is a really nice person in general!
In the second lesson we had so much fun with our insane deck :D
If you think about take a lesson or not - really mate trust me, just do it!

~ Mady

I thought the way you would have me explain all my plays to you before you told me how to do anything was very helpful. It taught me how to think through my plays a little more. Your calm demeanor made it easier to handle when i did end up misplaying, and even when i did misplay we still pulled out the win. So all in all I think J0k3se is a great coach. I highly recommend him for any new players trying to get into Faeria. I learned a lot!

~ Spliffin

I had an amazing coaching session today with fellow Faeria guru, J0k3se.
His coaching is on point, and he has a warm and welcoming personality. We had a lot of fun playing a control yellow deck and then proceeded to create a green/ blue shifting tides deck from scratch, which turned out to be fantastic. We went 4 -1 and narrowly lost against a burn red deck after making a small misplay at the end of the game.
Whether you're new to Faeira or trying to step into competitive play, I highly recommend taking a Faeriacoahing lesson with J0k3se.

~ Bender

We started with some general stuff and went on to deck building. We started to build an aggro deck and he explained why which cards in this deck are good and their purpose and played a couple of games with it. We talked about mulligan, land placement, efficient trading. When we started i was bit nervous which was gone as we started talking. We played, i told him what i would do and we discussed the turn (if the time would let us finish). We also played 2 different controll decks and same procedure here. It was a fun time, i got knowledge on things i cared about and it already payed off in my gameplay.
If you just started to play Faeria, J0k3 can make the beginning in this fantastic game alot easier and more pleasant.
Dont be shy and try for yourself. With best regards,

~ Kraenk

Had a fantastic coaching session with J0k3se the other day. His style of teaching is very calm, thoughtful, and patient--perfect for a player who might feel nervous or self-conscious in their first coaching session, but also for anyone who has experienced frustration with their own play. He helped me improve the decks I had already begun putting together, making my use of them much more successful! And while he offers lots of specific tips and advice at any given moment, I found the best part about the lesson was that he was constantly modeling how to think about the game, both spatially and in terms of efficiency. And that part sticks: well after the lesson I find myself seeing new patterns, executing a larger strategy much, much more effectively, and having even more fun with the game than I did before. ...And it doesn't hurt that I've now gained more ranks on the ladder than I've ever managed in the past!

~ PosterEeyore

J0k3se just had a coaching session with me. I had a blast, not only did I learn more about the game by playing with him, I also just had fun playing the decks with him. He is a great guy and great teacher. After he and I finished playing we ended up just talking about card ideas and what is good and bad and what would work and what cards are noob traps. He also showed me this ungodly fun red rush deck that I'm going to use to climb the ranked latter with. He knows a lot about the meta right now and what it was like, he knows all the cards and how to play around them, or even just knowing the deck he is fighting by seeing the lands being played. all in all. I had fun, I learned how to play and fight against more deck archetypes, understand land placement, creature trading, and how to just have fun playing the game. Thank you again so much J0k3se for taking the time to teach me and best of luck to you!!

~ Dane Nobilé

Just had a coaching session with J0k3se, my second one :) And like the first one, I learned a lot ! This time it was about yellow control, a very interesting and skilled deck to play ! I'm looking forward to have fun and climb the ladder with him once again :) If you want to learn about the game and quickly progress, try this coaching, it's really worth it! :)

~ xababaFaeria

So I normally don't do coaching because i think it is useless, however i said ​J0k3se have a lot of positive feedback and his youtube videos were really good so why i do not give it a try. And man it was one of best decision i ever made not it only been very fun i did learn a lot of things that i normally need to waste months to learn Also J0k3se was very cooperating he did all he could to help really - so do not think about it, just try it . It is really amazing experience for new players who wanna achieve higher ranks / become better at Faeria.

~ SsTito

Last night was my first coaching session with J0k3se, and I really spent a funny and interesting moment!
He adapted the session to the decks I wanted to see, to the topic I wanted to discuss. We talked about some basics, but also about strategy, tempo, state of mind, how to make your opponent reacts and not acts (to win). very constructive! I warmly recommend talking and exchanging to this very friendly and interesting guy. After I assimilated our complete session, I believe I will contact you back ;) Thank you!

~ Fredczj

J0k3se really helped me see the nuances of each turn which allowed me to make better decisions and win more games!  If you want to improve rapidly at faeria you couldn't ask for a better coach.

~ Warmack

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